Housing Register changes

Changes to our Housing Register and Housing Allocations Scheme – how they affect you

We would like to thank all of you who have re-submitted your applications. 4438 applications have already been submitted to the register since the new system went live. A large number of applications are incomplete, or we are waiting for documents to be uploaded. 1142 applications are pending verification and assessment.

Verification is the next stage, where each of your applications are checked against the new allocations scheme so that we are able to correctly assess your housing need, decide if you qualify and if so, give you the appropriate banding. Once you’ve received confirmation you qualify you will be able to bid for properties.

The team are working through all of the applications based on when they were sent in, and so far, 789 of them are live, with the number rising each day. This process is much quicker when we receive the correct documentation, as having to ask for more information takes more time.

So far, we are working through 1103 applications that have all of the documents provided, with 1401 not having all the documents supplied, and 640 application forms having not been fully completed. We have also determined a number of applications that do not qualify.

Some examples of documents received are: 

  • document images that do not show the address or the correct dates needed
  • partial documents e.g. providing only one page of a bank statement or benefit award letter or contract
  • unreadable or blurry images
  • benefits awards from the wrong year
  • personal images of pets or holiday snaps uploaded in error
  • providing the same document multiple times

We will write to you when your application  has been determined, but to allow us time to go through the vast number of applications that we have, the only other time we will only contact you is if we need more information from you. Applicants are reminded that applications are being assessed in date order from the point we have received all the correct documents.

To help us get more of your applications assessed, we urge you to check your application to make sure you have completed it and sent in the correct documents.

You can keep an eye on your application by logging into your My Home Central portal.

Find out more about the documents you need to send in.

Find out about the Allocations Scheme and the changes made.

Changes to bidding on properties through My Home Central

My Home Central is our housing allocations portal. We’ve listened to customer concerns regarding the platform and are introducing a new IT system, which we hope will improve the customer experience and make it easier to apply and bid for housing.

Following the recent closure of the system, the bidding system is now live again. Once you have reapplied and your application has been re-assessed under the new allocations scheme, you will be able to log in and bid form the 22 February 2024.

Changes to our Housing Allocations Scheme

We recently made changes that will affect anyone who would like to apply for social and affordable housing in Central Bedfordshire.

We have made some changes to the Housing Allocations Scheme, making the process simpler and fairer for applicants, and it’s been rewritten to make the policy clearer, so everyone understands how it works.

The updated policy outlines who is eligible and qualifies for social and affordable rented housing in Central Bedfordshire, how applicants can apply for housing and how they are prioritised and assessed, and how properties are allocated. We have also updated how we prioritise applications; for example, some new bands will be introduced.

You can find out more on the changes to the Allocations Scheme here:

What does this mean for you?

Everyone who wants to join the Housing Register for social and affordable housing and has not already done so since Tuesday 5 December, needs to apply or re-apply. Because the guidance has changed, previous applicants will need to re-apply to be assessed under the new scheme guidelines. Applicants who do not re-apply will be removed automatically. 

Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application once it has been verified and you are able to bid. Please do not contact the Housing Team to chase the outcome of your assessment. This takes the team away from progressing applications.

Most applicants who qualify for the Housing Register will not be affected by the updated allocations scheme, but there will be some who see an increase in their priority and some whose priority will reduce or others who will no longer qualify. If an applicant’s priority changes, no changes will take place for six months and the assessment under the Housing Allocation Scheme 2020 to 2023 will remain for the six-month period.

View or download the previous Housing Allocation Scheme, 2020 to 2023 (PDF)

Why do you have to re-apply?

The old background system supplying My Home Central was unstable. To fix the issue we moved to a new system that would not automatically transfer your applications. This is one reason why you need to re-apply so your applications could be added again.  

Because we also made changes to our Housing Allocations Scheme, all applications need to be re-assessed. By re-supplying your information, you can be certain you are correctly banded.

The changes to the allocations scheme will place a greater priority on those who currently live in Central Bedfordshire. There will be a reduction in applications from those who no longer qualify or have a reduced banding, increasing opportunities for those in Central Bedfordshire.

Under the new Housing Allocations Scheme, if:

  • your priority increases, the changes will take place immediately
  • you no longer qualify, or if your banding is lower, changes to your application will not take place for 6 months from your re-assessment