Primary Authority Partnership scheme

Whether your business is based inside or outside Central Bedfordshire, a Primary Authority Partnership with us could save you time, money and make it simpler to deal with regulations.

It allows a legally recognised partnership between your business and ourselves which can simplify your relationship with all the local authorities you deal with. It gives you a single point of contact, and lets you take advantage of our expertise and advice to deal with all regulatory issues. The following points can be guaranteed:

  • you will be working with a single local authority which knows your business
  • we will be the single point of contact with other local authority regulators and liaise with national regulators
  • we will provide appropriate regulatory advice which is robust and reliable and must be followed by other local authorities
  • no enforcement action will be taken against your business without us being notified and enforcement action can be blocked
  • we will lead and co-ordinate all regulatory action regarding your business, making this an effective way to improve and maintain your compliance

We can also:

  • provide staff training
  • review your policies, procedures and systems, e.g. food safety management system
  • audit your operating procedures / systems
  • audit your business compliance
  • review and analysis of data to assist your business planning

How to join the scheme

The Primary Authority Partnership Scheme is open to any business, charity or other organisation that either:

  • is regulated by two or more local authorities for a relevant function
  • has arranged to share compliance activities with at least one other business, when the businesses are collectively regulated by more than one local authority for a relevant function

Relevant functions include health and safety, food safety, licensing and trading standards services.

If you are interested in developing a partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council please contact the Primary Authority Lead Officer on 0300 300 5060 or 0300 300 6130.