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Green business networks

The Green Business Network (link opens in new window) provides an array of services to help businesses navigate increasing levels of environmental legislation. This includes the following support.

Environmental Management (EMS) Support Seminars

These seminars, run in association with international standard certifiers NQA, cover the topics companies need to address to manage and run an environmental management system.

Specialist Events

Events are run throughout the year, focusing on hot topics and including opportunities to meet regulators and specialists.


Quarterly newsletters with clear and practical articles explaining important legal compliance issues, resource efficiency, new environmental technology and forthcoming events.

Resource Efficiency and Action Programme (REAP)

REAP helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment whilst improving business efficiencies that can result in substantial cost savings. The free programme identifies areas where savings can be made, offers access to specialist consultancy and develops an action plan for quick low and no cost wins.

Bedfordshire Resource Efficiency Club

Supports businesses in reducing their waste, energy and fuel costs. The programme will assist companies in reviewing the amount of energy they use in their operational activities and help identify efficiencies, as well as providing guidance on potential investments that will achieve long term cost savings.

Business Environmental Training Initiative Plus (BETI+) 

BETI+ provides extensive environmental business training and on-site support to help businesses implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

For more information, visit the Green Business Network's website, call 07792 480986, or email