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Superfast broadband plans in Central Bedfordshire

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We're working in partnership with Bedford Borough Council, Luton Borough Council, Milton Keynes Council, Openreach and Building Digital UK, on plans for the next phase of deployment in the Broadband Rollout Programme. Work starts August 2019.

Please select your Local Authority Area below and check to see if your property is included in the next phase of the Broadband Rollout Programme.

If you are not currently included please explore the Gigabit Voucher Scheme and the opportunities available to you and your community for subsidy towards a supplier-led installation. Any property not included which does not have access to a superfast service will remain eligible for any future funding.

Still need help?

Please contact your Local Authority directly for assistance.

Please be aware all network upgrades are subject to change from factors outside of the Councils control. Premises could be removed or included into this programme without warning. All Councils are working to make sure as many households as possible have access to a superfast broadband connection.

Community-led broadband schemes

Read the guidance on community-led broadband schemes from GOV.UK (link opens in new window)

Over the past few years, a number of communities (both urban and rural) have successfully improved broadband access in their local area. The aim of the page below is to build on their successes by helping other community groups to access and benefit from potential models, case studies, guidance and funding options relevant to local broadband projects.

What is superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband is the next generation of broadband.

With superfast broadband, users can download music, videos and games and stream television at speeds much higher than they may currently be used to.

It is considered to be internet access with connection speeds of greater than 25 mega bits per second (mbps), and ideally around 30mbps, but some services can achieve speeds of up to 100mbps and emerging technologies will push these speeds higher.

A range of technologies can be used to deliver superfast services, including:

  • fibre based solutions
  • fibre to the cabinet (the technology being used most extensively in this area) which is a mixture of fibre connections to the local cabinet then using the copper network to feed into premises
  • Fibre to the premise, which is a fibre optic cable to the home and other solutions such as wireless are also possible

Download times for files (source: Analysys Mason, BT)

20 photos (50mb) download in 3.5 minutes on 2mbps ADSL broadband and download in 10 seconds on 40mbps superfast broadband.

A small home movie (100mb) downloads in 7 minutes on 2mbps ADSL broadband and downloads in 4 seconds on 40mbps superfast broadband.

An entire CD (650mb) downloads in 45 minutes on 2mbps ADSL broadband and downloads in 2 minutes on 40mbps superfast broadband.

An entire DVD (5gb) downloads in 6 hours on 2mbps ADSL broadband and downloads in 17 minutes on 40mbps superfast broadband.

A computer back-up (20gb) downloads in 23 hours on 2mbps ADSL broadband and downloads in 1 hour on 40mbps superfast broadband.

How do I get it?

Check if fibre is in your area (link opens in new window).

Check your current contract

If fibre broadband is available, you will need to check your current broadband contract. Typically, customers sign up for contract periods (normally 12 / 18 months) and you may need to complete this agreement before switching broadband providers. If you are still within your contract, most broadband providers will allow you to upgrade to a fibre package.

Do your research

The Central Superfast Programme is responsible for upgrading the infrastructure that provides your broadband connection.

We cannot offer any advice on the best broadband package for you, or which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you should sign up with.

There are comparison websites that allow you to compare packages or look out for offers in local and national media. When comparing packages, look out for things like:

  • speed – check this carefully as some broadband packages cap download / upload speeds in return for a cheaper tariff
  • usage – is your package unlimited or can you only download / upload a limited amount each month?
  • contract – check your contract length. Depending on your package this means you will be signing up for 12 / 18 / 24 months
  • calls – can you combine your broadband package with your telephone service, and / or TV package – you may save money this way
  • offers – there are lots of incentives on offer from broadband companies to sign up to their products. Typically these are discounted introductory periods or vouchers for high street stores

Business broadband advice from Ofcom (link opens in new window).

Place your order

Once you have selected the broadband provider of your choice, you will need to get in touch with them to place your order.

This can usually be done by telephone or by using the live chat facility found on many websites.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will supply you with an installation date and details of what you will need to do to get up and running.

Benefits of superfast broadband

Benefits to you:

  • faster to download music, games and films
  • shop online
  • stay in touch with family and friends using email and social networks
  • pay bills online
  • access to services and information

Benefits to businesses:

  • access to global marketplaces
  • online communication tools enabling flexible working
  • exposure to potential customers
  • networking opportunities and links to other businesses

Benefits of accessing public services:

  • faster broadband provides more ways for Central Bedfordshire Council and partners to keep in touch and deliver services to our communities
  • faster broadband in schools equips children with IT skills for the future

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