Roadworks, road closures and temporary road closures

Roadworks, road closures and temporary closure

You can find out about roadworks on Central Bedfordshire Council's ​roads using the national Roadworks website. This also gives information regarding diversion routes during road closures for works taking place.

Check the latest roadworks

To use the Roadworks website you will need to zoom in to find roadworks in your area. The map also shows roadworks which are happening within other counties and details of who is carrying out the works.

The Roadworks website also offers subscription to receive email updates of upcoming roadworks, road closures and other traffic disruptions. You'll see an envelope icon on the screen which you can click on to select your options.

The website does not include mobile work like hedge cutting or emergency road works.

Using the roadworks website to check roadworks today and in the future

When you enter the Roadworks website, it will automatically display the roadworks for the current day. If you want to view roadworks scheduled within the next two weeks, you can customise the map view by selecting the timescale above the search box. You can get more guidance from their user instructions manual (link opens in new window).

Motorways and A roads

You can also use the Highways England website to check for disruptions on Motorways and A roads.

Highways England traffic information

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