Roadworks, road closures and temporary road closures

Road closure / roadworks FAQ

There are times where works or events on our highways network require temporary traffic management, in order to facilitate them safely. We appreciate, particularly in the case of road closures, this comes with a level of disruption to users of our network. We have put together some information below to answer some frequently asked questions.

Up to date details of approved permits to work on the public highway within Central Bedfordshire are available for anyone to view on

Have alternative traffic management measures been considered, or can the work be completed at night/weekends, when a road closure would be less disruptive?

Road closures are always a last resort in order to facilitate work on our network. However, safety of both the operatives on site, as well as the general public, is paramount, and when the space required to work safely requires a closure of the road, this will be the method permitted.

While acknowledging daytime road closures generally cause the greatest amount of travel disruption, there are cost, time and environmental considerations (i.e. noise pollution) that may limit the off-peak working options available to be permitted. We will consider night and weekend working when feasible.

There are other works close to the location. Why has a road closure been permitted while other works are ongoing nearby?

When authorising any works on our network, whether for our own highways contractor, or a utility provider, we strive to facilitate them at times when their presence on the network minimally disrupts, preferably avoiding conflicts with other nearby works.

In the case of emergency or time sensitive works taking place, as well as the potential for unexpected delays and extensions to existing works, unfortunately this isn’t always within our control. We aim to keep disruption on the network to a minimum where we can.

Will I still be able to have vehicle access in and out of my property/business during a road closure?

On-site staff will make every effort to facilitate access in and out of road closures when it is safe to do so, but the feasibility of this will depend on the nature and location of the ongoing work at that particular time.

There may be situations where access isn’t possible. We apologise for this, and the staff on site will do what they can to assist residents and businesses, but safety will always be the paramount consideration.

Please make alternative arrangements for when the closure is live where possible.

I have safety concerns related to a current road closure that I feel is in need of immediate attention.

Please call us on 0300 300 8049; we'll seek feedback from the relevant officers in relation to your concern, and can highlight anything urgent.

There is currently no work taking place. Why does the road remain closed?

There are numerous reasons why it may be essential for a road to remain closed, despite work not physically taking place at that moment in time, in order to keep the public safe.

If you believe that work has been fully completed, and a road closure appears to have been left in place in error, please report this to us on 0300 300 8049, so we can investigate as soon as possible.

Has impact on emergency services been considered?

Emergency services are informed of any road closures that have been permitted on the public highway.

I had not been made aware of a road closure taking place that impacts vehicle access in and out of my home/ my route of regular travel/ has added time on to my commute/etc.

Provision of on-site signage to provide advanced warning of upcoming closures is the responsibility of the applicant.

While there is no statutory obligation for any members of the public to be personally notified about works on the highways network, it is always recommended that the applicant makes consideration towards notifying those who will be immediately impacted by the works, that may cause vehicle access issues at certain times. This will usually be done in the form of a letter drop to those residents.

By creating a free account on you can set up tailored alerts to be received by email, informing you of potential travel disruption in locations of interest.

Can I claim for compensation due to additional costs incurred during a road closure (i.e. loss of business / additional mileage)?

There is no statutory provision for compensation from us for loss of business, or additional costs incurred caused by roadworks, or any other disruptions on the public highway.