Roadworks, road closures and temporary road closures

Thorn Road closure

Thorn Road in Houghton Regis will be closed from 26 August, 2018, for 46 weeks until August 2020.

The decision to close the road has been taken due to a major development taking place in Bidwell, which will include new houses, sports facilities, a new road layout (including three new roundabouts) and offices in the area.

Diversions, using the new link road will be in place which should have little impact on journey times.

There are a number of reasons for a full road closure with the main one being safety. Due to the size of the development taking place, there will be lots of developers in the area at one time using HGVs and heavy machinery. These vehicles will be bringing lots of mud onto the roads, which is a safety concern. Therefore, it was deemed better all-round to have a complete closure, so the works can be done more quickly and safely.

The new link road will also allow for a fast and convenient diversion with little impact on journey time from people who would use Thorn Road.

Tidy tip

Our latest tidy tip at Thorn Turn has recently opened and will be unaffected by the road closure. The tidy tip and reuse shop will continue to stay open with their usual opening times.

If you would usually use Thorn Road to access the tidy tip, you will need to use the link road for access from the main roundabout. Signage will be put in place.


Please see our below map for the diversion route.


For more information about the road closure please contact as via