Parking suspension and parking dispensations

Parking suspension

Sometimes its necessary to suspend parking places including residents' and other permit bays.

Under certain circumstances, we will allow a vehicle or vehicles to park lawfully in places where they would usually be contravening the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), by issuing a suspension.

Because of this (and to deal with traffic flow needs, road works or special events) we will also from time to time suspend parking places either completely or to provide parking places for particular vehicles and/or applicants.

A suspension allows a vehicle (or vehicles) to park in breach of a TRO. It allows parking to take place when alternative arrangements cannot be made for the following reasons:

The action is taken when it is considered necessary to suspend the parking places for:

  • traffic movement and safety
  • essential building/ maintenance works
  • furniture removals
  • filming
  • special events
  • weddings or funerals


The suspension procedure comprises of:

  • receiving notice of the requirement
  • considering and, if appropriate, investigating the need for the suspension
  • approving or rejecting the application
  • obtaining payment if applicable
  • recording the suspension
  • implementing the suspension on street

Suspension requests must be received no later than 7 working days before the required date.


Such notice is not mandatory in regard to emergencies or in respect of statutory undertakings under Section 14 of RTRA 84 although in the normal course of events the latter will be notified in advance.

Emergencies include action taken by the police to suspend parking places immediately and without notice for matters of security and public safety. The police as a criminal matter would normally deal with a contravention of a police suspension.


Telephone: 0300 300 8049

Each application will be given a unique identification number and officers will consider applications on their merits. This may require the location to be visited.

The vehicles section (ie. parking approval) box of the application form requires the applicant to nominate specific vehicles. However, it will be appreciated that for building works there may be deliveries from supplies or other contractors and, clearly, the applicant will not pre-know the vehicles involved. Officers therefore have discretion to allow such activities provided they are directly connected to the works. The suspension plates must make this abundantly clear.

The suspension does not permanently remove the legal status of the parking place. Its only affect is to remove it (or the designated part of it) from use during the suspension period.