Parking fines - paying parking fines and appealing parking fines | Central Bedfordshire Council

Parking fines - paying parking fines and appealing parking fines

Appealing parking fines

We are responsible for enforcing parking restrictions within Central Bedfordshire.

Parking fines, technically known as Penalty Charge Notices or PCN are legally enforcable. Paying parking fines promptly can avoid civil proceedings, and save you money – charges are reduced if paid within 14 days.

If you disagree with the Penalty Charge Notice and you want to challenge it, you can submit your appeal online.

Appeal your parking fine

The reasons for cancelling a parking fine / Penalty Charge Notice:

  • the alleged contravention did not take place
  • the penalty charge exceeds the amount applicable
  • the Traffic Regulation Order which is alleged to have been contravened is invalid
  • there has been a procedural impropriety on the part of the Council
  • you were not the owner of the vehicle at the time of the alleged contravention
  • the vehicle was parked by a person who was in control of it without your consent.
  • the Enforcement Officer was prevented from serving the Penalty Charge Notice
  • the Penalty Charge Notice was paid either in full or at the discounted rate within the discount period
  • you are a hire firm and the person hiring the vehicle has signed a statement accepting liability
  • the vehicle was broken down. An independent receipt / report for work carried out should support this, from the AA, RAC or similar
  • the vehicle was legitimately loading / unloading. A receipt or the relevant paperwork should support this
  • you can produce a valid pay and display ticket / season ticket / resident's permit for the relevant contravention
  • you can produce of a valid Blue Badge
  • there are compelling, mitigating or compassionate grounds depending on circumstances and supporting evidence

Other options for appealing a Penalty Charge Notice / parking fine

Appeal in writing

If you cannot appeal online, you can send your appeal in writing to:

Central Bedfordshire Council
PO Box 597

Please quote the penalty charge notice number and giving your full name and full postal address, and tell us why you should not pay the penalty charge notice.

We will write back to you and tell you whether your challenge has been accepted. If your reason is accepted, you will not have to pay the charge and we will send you a letter confirming that the penalty charge is cancelled.

Appeal by email

Please send your appeal to and ensure that you put the PCN number in the subject line.

What happens next?

If your informal appeal is rejected and you do not pay the charge, we will send you a Notice to Owner. This will tell you that you have a further 28 days to pay the full charge or you can go through the formal appeal process.