Natural environment

Wildlife and nature conservation

We are responsible for a wide range of wild plant and animal species and their habitats. There are a number of nature reserves and other countryside sites across Central Bedfordshire as well as species which are rare or legally protected.

Our wildlife team is involved in all aspects of wildlife protection and conservation. This includes giving advice on general wildlife conservation, on best practice for management of nature reserves, and on the ecological impact of development proposals across our region.

They are also responsible for developing and implementing biodiversity policy within the Council and Central Bedfordshire and delivering the local Biodiversity Action Plan with the Beds and Luton Biodiversity Forum.

We are also involved in wildlife conservation projects with local and national organisation. This includes working with Natural England to support the County Wildlife Site system.

Nature Conservation Strategy

We worked with the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire to develop a Nature Conservation Strategy.

Its purpose is to identify the overall aims, objectives and priorities for the conservation of biodiversity in Central Bedfordshire and bring them together within a single document. It will act as a reference document for anyone working within Central Bedfordshire. This will include those considering the management of green spaces and in the formation of the Development Strategy and other strategic planning documents.

Read the Nature Conservation Strategy (PDF 6.7MB) .

Biodiversity checklist for planning applications

Planning applications may need to include details about biodiversity and geological conservation.

The guidance note (PDF 675.7KB) shows what information needs to be provided with your planning application in relation to Biodiversity & Geological Conservation, and in what circumstances this is required.