Fraudulent applications

We verify addresses as part of the allocation process. We consider every school place obtained through deception denies another child their legitimate place.  We will withdraw the offer of a place if we find that you have given fraudulent or misleading information in connection with the address that you have provided, for example if you claim to live in the catchment area when you don’t.

We will not accept a temporary address if you still have a property that was previously used as a home address, nor will we accept a temporary address used solely or mainly to obtain a school place. You may be asked to supply additional information to explain why you are not able to use your permanent address.

If there is a query on the home address we may request further information.

Central Bedfordshire Council takes very seriously any attempt to obtain a school place by fraud. All fraud allegations are investigated.

If you know someone who intends to or has used a false address to get a school place, you can report this confidentially to our Fraud Investigation Team by emailing or calling 0300 300 5476.

You do not need to give your name but please provide as much information as possible so that we can investigate the matter fully.