School catchment areas

Lower school admissions in Leighton Buzzard

From September 2019 catchment areas will no longer be used for admissions to lower schools in Leighton Buzzard, including Hockliffe and Stanbridge. Priority for these schools will instead be based on a child's nearest school.

The nearest school will be identified by measuring the distance the pupil lives from the school which is measured in a straight line, using our computerised measuring system, from the address point of the pupil’s home to a point on the school site agreed with the governing body of the school, which is known as the designated measuring point.

Pulford VA Lower School will not be considered as a pupil's nearest school for the purposes of this policy as admission to Pulford is predominantly based on faith grounds rather than a pupil's address.

To find your nearest lower school (by postcode)

Find your home on My Central Bedfordshire (link opens in new window)

  1. search for your home postcode
  2. find your nearest lower school on the right side of the page

For in-year admissions

For school places required at lower schools during the current academic year, catchment areas will still operate.

Download catchment information for schools in Leighton Buzzard (PDF 220.1KB) .