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Late applications for junior school

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Late applications will take effect from 16 January 2024.

Late applications can be made online until 1 May 2024. After this date, you will need to submit a paper application. On 30 August 2024, the transfer round will be closed and to apply for a reception place, you will need to apply under the in-year application process.

If a place becomes available for your child at your preferred school during the late allocation your original offer will be withdrawn and reallocated to another child if necessary. It is therefore essential that you inform us in writing by 1 May 2024 for your Starting School and Middle preferences, if you do not want to remain on the waiting list so that your original offer is not withdrawn. 

If a place can be offered to your child from the waiting list during the late allocation, then you will be notified on 23 May 2024 (late allocation offer day for Middle) and 1 June 2024 (late allocation offer day for Starting School). If a place is still not available at your preferred school(s) you will not be contacted by the School Admissions Team on the late allocation offer day however you can call or email the team from 23 May 2024 for Middle applications and 1 June 2024 for starting School applications and they will let you know your child’s position on the waiting list following the late allocation.

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