Marriages, civil partnerships and celebratory services

How much will it cost?

The fee for entering a notice of marriage or civil partnership is £35 - £47 for each person. We take the fee when you book your appointment.

Fees charged at any of our approved venues vary, depending on the day of the week you choose.

If you decide to marry in an approved venue such as a hotel, you must then check with the superintendent registrar that registration officers will be available before you confirm the date and time with the venue.


All fees includes the issue of one certificate.

Fees at an approved venue

  • Monday to Friday: £453 for marriages, £387 for civil partnerships
  • Saturday: £531 for marriages, £453 for civil partnerships
  • Sunday: £592 for marriages, £520 for civil partnerships

Fees for our registry office ceremonies

Ampthill Room (maximum capacity 60):

  • Friday: £246 for marriages, £266 for civil partnerships
  • Saturday: £370 for marriages, £411 for civil partnerships
  • Sunday: £442 for marriages, £496 for civil partnerships


Please read our terms and conditions in relation to payments and refunds in the case of cancellation.

Contact us

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