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Coroner statistics 2023

The Coroner Statistics Tool is a dashboard which allows comparison of figures by coroner area and regional levels for all coroner-reported deaths in England and Wales. This data forms part of the Ministry of Justice Coroners Statistics Annual 2023 Publication.


You can view the current inquests due to be held by the Bedfordshire and Luton Coroner Service in the table below. 

Beneath the inquest information, you can find out more about our service, our duties and who the coroner is. In addition, you will find information on bereavement support and support with deaths in custody.

How to search for information

You will need to add in a date range to view inquests. For example, the enquiry from date could be today's date and the enquiry to date could be 31/12/2023. Once you do that, you can view inquests in that date range. You can then also search by surname. 

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Press attendance

Members of the press can attend inquests in person or via video link. Please email at least 24 hours in advance of the inquest you wish to attend.

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Date Time Inquest Name Age and place of death Coroner
17-06-2024 10:00 Case Inquest Hearing Katie Rose STONEBRIDGE 27 years, Sandy Emma WHITTING
17-06-2024 16:00 Fast track hearing Jacqueline Anne KERMEZ 79 years, Bedford Emma WHITTING
18-06-2024 10:00 Case Inquest Hearing John BOOROFF 78 years, Luton Kelly Elizabeth DIXON
19-06-2024 10:00 Case Inquest Hearing Stuart Edward NORRIS 54 years, Bedford Emma WHITTING
19-06-2024 15:30 Fast track hearing Lisa Maria HAMILTON 52 years, Dunstable Emma WHITTING
20-06-2024 10:00 Fast track hearing Angela Janice BAILEY 56 years, Luton Emma WHITTING
20-06-2024 13:00 Case Inquest Hearing Colin Nigel YOUNG 67 years, Luton Sean CUMMINGS
20-06-2024 14:00 Fast track hearing Vincent MCELHONE 94 years, Leighton Buzzard Sean CUMMINGS
25-06-2024 10:00 Case Inquest Hearing Malgorzata NASEWICZ 57 years, Luton Emma WHITTING
26-06-2024 09:00 Inquest Opening Bridget HOEY 39 years, Bedford Emma WHITTING