Treasure inquests

In England, a person who finds an item which may be treasure (the Finder) must make a report to the local Finds Liaison Officer (FLO).

A report will be written for the Coroner as to whether or not the find is likely to constitute treasure. If the item may be treasure and a museum wishes to acquire it, the Coroner will open and list an Inquest.

The purpose of the inquest is to establish whether the find is treasure, who found it, and when and where it was found.

How to search for information

You will need to add in a date range to view treasure inquests in the table below. For example, the enquiry from date could be today's date and the enquiry to date could be 31/12/2024. Once you do that, you can view inquests in that date range. 

If the table is blank, there are no inquests currently scheduled.

Treasure inquests

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