Broom South Quarry

In September 2008, Bedfordshire County Council granted planning permission to Tarmac Limited (now part of the Lafarge Tarmac group of companies) for the extraction, processing and sale of sand and gravel at land to the south of Broom (planning permission reference 28/2008).

A Section 106 Agreement accompanying the planning permission requires the developer to take part in a liaison group to be established by the council to act as a consultation forum to monitor the development.

Lafarge Tarmac implemented the planning permission on 15th April 2013. The Broom South Quarry Liaison Group has been established and is made up of representatives of the following parish councils:

  • Southill Parish Council
  • Langford Parish Council
  • Shefford Town Council
  • Northill Parish Council
  • Old Warden Parish Council

Three representatives appointed by us are also members of the group, in addition to representatives of Lafarge Tarmac and officers of the local planning authority.

The Section 106 Agreement also secured from the developer a contribution of £60,000 to be utilised towards local community projects in the vicinity of the quarry, and assigned responsibility to the liaison group to decide what local community projects will receive financial assistance and to what extent such assistance shall be given.

The following guidance has been produced by the liaison group in order to make such decisions. It is intended to inform those parties interested in applying for financial assistance from the liaison group. A PDF version of the application form can be found at the end of the guidance. A Word version, which can be filled out electronically, can be provided on request (please contact

Guidance notes and application form (PDF 300.2KB)

Planning permission 28 / 2006 (PDF 1.1MB)

Section 106 Agreement (PDF 3.3MB)

Details of applications received by the group and spending to date can be found in the document below.

All funds have now been fully allocated as of 17 June 2015 and no additional applications for funds will be considered.

Broom South Local Community Fund Balance Statement (PDF 202.5KB)

Copies of minutes approved by the group can be found below:

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 11 November 2015 (PDF 17.3KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 17 June 2015 (PDF 19.8KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 10 February 2015 (PDF 17.7KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 19 November 2014 (PDF 18.5KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 26 February 2014 (PDF 113.6KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting 15 May 2014 (PDF 28.9KB)

Minutes of liaison group meeting - 18 September 2013 (PDF 34.5KB)