Draft Local Plan

New town options

Please note: this page is part of our Draft Local Plan and has been superseded by our Local Plan

New market town near Tempsford

(Around 7000 homes & new science and technology/business park)

This proposal is for a new market town in an area that reuses previously developed land at the old Tempsford Airfield.

This growth location option sits east of the A1 road, and is north of Sandy. Tempsford village lies to the north and west of the site, and Everton village to the east.

Full scale development here is dependant on improvements to existing transport infrastructure, such as the A1 and A428 roads. It is also dependant on the proposed East-West Rail being confirmed: a station at the new development will be critical to supporting this development. The new station will form an interchange between the new East-West Rail and the East Coast Main Line.

The proposal could include the following services and amenities: shops; cafes/restaurants; community facilities; leisure facilities; drinking establishments; green open space including a country park; pedestrian, cycle and vehicular crossing over railway lines; a health and Social Care Hub; preschool/nursery/early years facilities; enlarging existing schools and providing new schools as required.

Employment opportunities will be provided through a new science and technology/business park to maximise the opportunity for employment within the transport corridor between Oxford and Cambridge, as well as through the provision of infrastructure, including schools, shops and healthcare facilities.