Planning obligations

Spending and monitoring

Planning Officers are responsible for negotiating and securing Planning Obligations. They work closely with Spending Officers who assess the need for new infrastructure and services. Some Spending Officers are external to the council, such as the police, but the majority fall within our responsibility.

We have Monitoring Officers who record and monitor both financial and in-kind contributions to ensure Planning Obligations are delivered within the constraints of the agreements.

Monitoring reports

These show details of secured and received Planning Obligation contributions for each Parish.

Within the Parish report, there is a planning obligation table detailing the status of the planning obligation contribution that has been secured. The table will be blank when the contribution has not yet been received.

Spend State will show as Uncommitted when a contribution has been received but not allocated.

Secured where the funds have been approved for a project but not fully spent.

Spent when the funds have been fully spent.

Receipt of contributions and their intended use

Developers and landowners/applicants of planning permissions can submit revised schemes for development on the same piece of land. It is then up to the developer to decide which scheme they wish to implement. Each new revision will require them to enter into a new agreement or unilateral undertaking. We will only collect contributions secured from the schemes that are implemented.