Flooding and flood risk management

What to do in a flood

Call 999 if you're experiencing flooding now.

Protecting your property from flooding in an emergency

Our flood guide (PDF 899.2KB) offers advice on protecting your property and who to contact about flooding.

You can also download a leaflet on what to do before and after a flood from the Environment Agency.

What to do before, or when warned of flooding:

  • deploy flood defences (e.g. sandbags, door barriers) if you have any
  • move vehicles to a safe area
  • turn off the power (unless you have a pumped flood system)
  • close windows and doors if it is safe to do so
  • retreat to a safe place (such as the upper level of a building or a friend's house) and lock doors
  • move pets, items of value and your grab bag upstairs or raise off the floor
  • keep phones, chargers, bank cards, insurance details and house keys to hand
  • ensure neighbours know a flood is predicated/happening and help if possible

Sandbags and flood prevention products

How to use sandbags for flood defence (GOV.UK). If you have other flood defence products, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

We don't supply sandbags, but they can usually be obtained from local builders’ merchants, filled or empty, and you can store your own sand to fill when needed. A search online will show a number of suppliers of sandbags and other flood prevention products which may be more suitable.

Repairing your property after flooding

Download property owner flood damage repair guidance (PDF 64KB)

Download insurer and contractor flood damage repair guidance (PDF 75.2KB)