Community Governance Review consultation, part 2

About the second part of the Community Governance Review consultation

Part 2 of this consultation closed at 5pm on Friday, 6 July 2018.

Local authorities are required, by central government, to undertake a review of local governance arrangements every 10-15 years; this is a review of town and parish council arrangements. This will be our first full governance review, since we formed in 2009.  It needs to be completed by November 2018, which is before the next town and parish council elections. Following public consultation earlier in the year (view part 1 consultation results), recommended changes to governance arrangements have now been drafted.


This is the second stage of consultation and your chance to have your say on the recommendations made by our General Purposes Committee.

We are seeking your feedback on proposed changes to current arrangements to all parish councils within Central Bedfordshire. Changes can include; reduction of councillors, name changes, boundary changes and abolition of parish wards. In many cases the recommendations for reducing the number of councillors have been suggested to improve the democratic process, by ensuring there are fewer uncontested elections. The suggested boundary changes are often to reflect growing housing developments and include them within pre-existing settlements. The suggestion to abolish or create a parish ward is borne out of a need to reflect changing individual community identities.