Community Governance Review consultation

Have your say on our Community Governance Review

Part 1 consultation closed: 5pm, 1 February 2018

Status of consultation part 1

The status of part 1 of this consultation is:

  1. public consultation (done)
  2. analysis (done)
  3. publication of results (done)
  4. General Purposes Committee review (done)
  5. action / decision (commence second stage of consultation, 14 June 2018)

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The feedback from this consultation will be considered at the General Purposes meeting in March 2018.

Download General Purposes Committee report on the Community Governance Review (link opens in new window)

Consultation part 2

A further consultation on the resulting proposals for change will take place in the summer 2018.

A final decision about changes will be made in the autumn 2018 and changes implemented in time for the next elections for town and parish councils in May 2019.