Housing Asset Management Strategy consultation 2023 to 2028

About the consultation – Housing Asset Management Strategy consultation

Consultation closed: Tuesday 25 April 2023
Consultation opened: Wednesday 1 February 2023

We wanted your views on our new draft Housing Asset Management Strategy (PDF). It sets out how we will manage and look after our council housing and buildings, land spaces and garages.

We own and look after around 5,422 homes worth around £608 million. We also have around 375 leasehold homes and other assets worth £10.8 million.

The strategy will guide our approach over the next 5 years in how we look after this and invest in the future. We are seeking your views to help us.

The last strategy was written in 2013. A lot has changed since then. Today, we have higher building costs, higher interest rates, higher cost-of-living and new legal standards to meet.

Housing need and demand in Central Bedfordshire is also higher. There are more people approaching us for affordable housing. We need to increase the right types of homes in the right places. Through building, changing, buying and adapting homes. This new draft strategy will help us plan our approach and make Central Bedfordshire “a great place to live and work”.

Where does the money come from for social housing? 

We own and manage 5,422 homes and have approximately 375 leasehold properties and non-domestic assets (such as garages). The money required to invest in existing and new assets comes mainly from rents and service charges from residents and other users of the assets. Some external funding is achieved for new development, where successful bids are made. This all means that the physical and financial performance of these assets underpins the viability of the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) business plan.

The HRA is the financial account used to manage our activities as a landlord. It is a ring-fenced account and can only be used to provide services to council housing tenants through the collection of rent and other service charges.