Woodland creation

Creating woodland

We are offering comprehensive support and tailored advice for woodland creation and hedgerow planting projects of any scale across Central Bedfordshire, available to:

  • all public and private landowners
  • schools
  • community groups and organisations

This work is made possible thanks to a successful bid to DEFRA’s Woodland Creation Accelerator Fund, a two-year programme designed to rapidly increase tree and woodland cover across the country. We are also grateful to receive support from the Forest of Marston Vale.

Planting new woodlands and hedgerows offers many benefits, including:

  • woodlands and hedgerows boost biodiversity by providing havens for a wide range of wildlife species, including mammals, birds, insects, plants and fungi. They improve air quality by removing pollution from our atmosphere; this includes capturing and storing carbon dioxide
  • trees help to slow the rate of surface water flow and water infiltration, improving water quality and reducing the risk of flooding to surrounding areas
  • leaf litter and roots significantly improve soil quality and structure, helping soil to store more carbon and improving crop yields
  • woodlands and hedgerows provide shelter and shade for livestock animals such as cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, goats and poultry
  • trees and hedgerow plants support pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and wasps which can in turn boost crop production and management
  • sustainably managed woodlands can generate additional income through the sale of timber, wood fuel, and carbon credits
  • woodland habitats support mental health and wellbeing by creating places for people to relax, watch wildlife, and provides job and volunteering opportunities for people of all ages
  • planting trees and hedgerows enhance the character of the local landscape and improves connectivity of valuable habitats

By planting new woodlands now, we can create a legacy for generations to come.

What we can support you with:

  • funding: we can support you in navigating available grants and financial support (including options for income generation) to fund planting projects and ongoing management, including submitting funding applications on your behalf
  • technical advice: we will be on hand to offer professional guidance throughout the process, including site feasibility studies and surveys, mapped plans for new woodland and hedgerows, tree species selection and procurement, tree protection, sustainable management practices and more
  • woodland and hedgerow design: We will work with you to create individual planting plans, tailored to suit your objectives and character of the local landscape
  • project delivery: we can support you with tree selection and procurement and manage the planting of your new woodland or hedgerow, whether this be undertaken by volunteers and/ or contractors
  • aftercare: new woodlands and hedgerows require maintenance in the first few years of establishment to give them the best chance of survival. We offer support to ensure that they get the best start and incorporate plans for long term sustainable management

If you are interested in planting woodland and/or hedgerows, do get in touch. For more information, please email begreen@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.