Council spending

As part of our commitment to being open and transparent we publish all spending over £250.

We publish monthly spending on the 25th of the following month or the first working day thereafter.

We publish as much information as possible, taking into account our obligations under data protection laws to withhold personal details and other sensitive information. In some circumstances we have therefore replaced personal names with the words ‘Personal Payment’ to protect the individuals concerned. Payments made to individuals such as foster carers are one such example.

VAT is also not included in the payments listed below other than in the few cases that the council is not able to claim this back.

Where the files include items below £250 this is because they form part of a single payment of more than £250, which is split between two or more types of expenditure.

In addition to publishing spending over £250, we will also publish all posted Purchase Card (PCard) expenditure. This data will be published three months in arrears of the statement period/date.

We publish data in comma separated values (CSV) format. This format can be loaded into a number of applications, including spreadsheet programs. We have produced an explanation of the data (PDF 52.8KB) contained in these files for further ease of use. We subscribe to the government's open government licence (PDF 81.8KB) for the reuse of the spending and salary information.

Prompt payment performance

In accordance with regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, please see below data regarding our prompt payment performance.

Prompt payment performance figures for Central Bedfordshire Council
Financial year Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days Total late interest paid to suppliers Total interest liable to pay to suppliers
2023/24 91% 0 £1,251,585
2022/23 90% £0 £716,034
2021/22 86.9% £0 £732,148