Susan Lousada is High Sheriff of Bedfordshire

How is the High Sheriff appointed?

The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire takes office each April for a term of 1 year and remains the Sovereign's representative in the county for all matters relating to the judiciary and the maintenance of law and order.

The current High Sheriff of Bedfordshire is Susan Lousada. Susan became High Sheriff on 27 March 2020 and will be in her role for one year.

The Office of High Sheriff is non-political and unpaid, and no part of a High Sheriff's expenses falls on the public purse.

The Office is a Royal appointment. It is made in the Privy Council by the Sovereign, where the custom of he or she 'pricking' the appointee's name with a bodkin is perpetuated.

13 November 2017: Pricking Ceremony to select the new High Sheriff for Bedfordshire
View the photographs taken at the ceremony

The Office is normally for 1 year.

How are High Sheriffs appointed?

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