Chairman and Vice Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council

Chairman - Councillor Gordon Perham

chairman of central bedfordshire council

Councillor Gordon Perham is Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council and ward councillor for Linslade.

After holding the position of Vice Chairman for three years, he was elected as Chairman at the Council's Annual General Meeting (Thursday, 12 May 2022).

Councillor Gordon Perham will act as an ambassador for the council, representing the authority on civic visits and at ceremonial events.

The Chairman’s role

The Chairman is elected by the Council.

He / she chairs the full Council meetings, interprets the Council’s Constitution and ensures the business of the Council is conducted efficiently and effectively, enabling all councillors’ equal opportunities to speak and to question the Executive Members and those who hold Committee chairmanships. He / she also promotes public involvement in the Council’s activities.

On the civic / ceremonial side of the role, he / she attends civic and ceremonial events representing the council and promoting and explaining the Council’s work. The Chairman is an ambassador for the Council.

Contact the Chairman

Telephone: 0300 300 8531