Prevention Assistance grant

How to apply for a Prevention Assistance grant

Check that you're eligible for the grant

You must be eligible under the Care Act and this eligibility is determined by The Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2015 as follows:

An adult’s needs meet the eligibility criteria if they arise from or are related to a physical or mental impairment or illness, and they unable to achieve two or more of the following outcomes without assistance, and as a result there is or there is likely to be a significant impact on their wellbeing:

  • managing and maintaining nutrition
  • maintaining personal hygiene
  • managing toilet needs
  • being appropriately clothed
  • being able to make use of the their home safely
  • maintaining a habitable home environment
  • developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships
  • accessing and engaging in work, training, education or volunteering
  • making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community including public transport, and recreational facilities or services
  • carrying out any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child

The adult is also considered unable to achieve the above outcomes if in doing so without assistance, they:

  • experience significant pain, distress or anxiety
  • endanger or is likely to endanger the health or safety of themselves or others
  • take significantly longer than would normally be expected

How to make an application

Where a relevant health or social care professional believes that a Prevention Assistance grant is necessary to prevent delayed discharge from or admission to hospital, care home, or other similar establishments then they should download the Prevention Assistance grant application form (PDF 47.8KB) and complete section B onwards. Where possible their client should be asked to complete and sign section A as the applicant. In some circumstances they may not be able to do this in which case a family member may be able to apply on their behalf by completing section A.

Consent for the proposed works is required from the owner of the property that would be affected. The health or social care professional should therefore download the Prevention Assistance grant owner’s consent form (PDF 11.3KB) add the address and works to the form and then ask the property owner to complete the remainder and sign.

Once the health or social care professional has the completed and signed application form and owner’s consent form, they should scan them in and email them to

In order for works to be completed as swiftly as possible we would encourage health or social care professionals to include any quotations for the works that have been able to obtain or at the very least a specification of sufficient detail to enable the Private Sector Housing team to obtain the required quotes.

Who to contact

Telephone: 0300 300 8767