Prevention Assistance grant

What works or adaptations can be covered by a Prevention Assistance grant?

A Prevention Assistance grant can help cover the cost of any adaption, repair or improvement works to a client’s home required to enable them to return there after a period in hospital, care home or other similar establishment, or to prevent imminent risk of admission.

Examples of such works include (but are not restricted to):

  • de-cluttering and deep cleaning
  • ramps
  • level threshold doors
  • stairlifts
  • ceiling track hoists
  • heating repairs
  • other repairs necessary for the home to be safe
  • creating microenvironments e.g. moving furniture downstairs
  • pest control
  • one-off costs relating to provision / installation of telecare equipment

Please note that a Prevention Assistance grant is for one-off costs rather than on-going costs.

The required works need to be specified by the health or social care professional making the referral.