Street cleansing, litter and road sweeping

Dog fouling

It is an offence to allow a dog, which you a responsible for, to foul and not clear it up immediately when in a public place such as:

  • footways and paths, including public footpaths
  • play areas, picnic sites and outdoor eating places
  • sports playing pitches
  • formal parks and land where the grass is cut
  • land outside schools and hospitals
  • car parks, public transport bays and surrounds
  • cycle ways and surfaced areas near to houses
  • shopping areas, markets and public circulation areas
  • cemeteries and war memorials
  • land surrounding toilets, recycling sites and public buildings

The dog wardens, authorised council officers and certain rangers / officers from The Greensand Trust, National Trust and Forest of Marston Vale have the power to issue fixed penalty notices to members of the public who allow their dog to foul and fail to remove it.


The penalty for committing an offence contained in a Dog Control Order is a maximum fine of £1,000. Alternatively, the opportunity to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 may be offered in place of prosecution. This can be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

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What should dog owners do?

Responsible owners do not allow their dogs to foul public places. If dog fouling does occur, the responsible owner should clean up straight away after the dog.

Any suitable plastic bag can be used, or special poop-scoop bags which can be purchased from pet shops store or veterinary surgeries. Dispose of the faeces in a poop-scoop bin or take the bag home for disposal.