Paying for residential care

Benefits and pensions

If you are receiving any benefits you must remember to notify the relevant department of any change in your circumstances, including permanent admission to residential or nursing care. This should avoid any over or under payment of benefits.

Universal Credit and Pension Credit

If you are going into a residential or nursing home permanently you may be entitled to claim Universal Credit or Pension Credit. The capital limit for claiming Universal Credit is £16,000.

For more information on benefits, contact the Department of Works and Pensions. Pension Credit Claim Line (link opens in new window) Call 0800 99 1234 for more information.

You are entitled to continue to receive payment of the below benefits if you are paying for all your care yourself, or you have entered into a deferred payment agreement with us.

  • Attendance Allowance¬†
  • Disability Living Allowance (Care Component)¬†
  • Personal Independence Payments (Daily Living Component)

If we are assisting with the payment of your care fees, payment of the above should be suspended four weeks after you move into the care home.