How to get a career in adult social care

There are many routes to starting a career in adult social care, whether you are just leaving school or interested in a changing career. Let’s have a look at the opportunities and pathways available to launch your journey into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

What is adult social care?

Adult social care is about helping adults who are having problems with their physical health and helping vulnerable adults within our community. Carers provide a level of care and support that allows those who require varying levels of assistance to live their lives in a supported and enhanced way.

Within our own Central Bedfordshire community there are over 7000 people employed in health and care roles and with a growing and ageing population, this is set to increase. Deciding on a career in adult social care will offer many rewarding opportunities and can lead to a long and fulfilling career, unfortunately, some myths do exist around what a career in this area will be like and these myths can sometimes distract from all of the positive experiences you could have within this career.

Let’s look at dispelling some of these myths.

Find your career in adult social care

No qualifications? No problem!

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You don't need qualifications to start your career in adult social care.

How to work in an entry-level job

No previous experience? Don't worry!

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You don't need previous experience to work in adult social care.

How to change your career

Got some care experience? Great!

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There are lots of opportunities for you to progress.

How to progress your career

Need more qualifications? Do it!

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You might still need some qualifications to progress.

Find out how more qualifications can help

What are your options?

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Apprenticeship, traineeship, sector routeways; there are so many available options to starting your career.

Find out about your options

What it's like to work in adult social care

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We asked our staff why they work in adult social care; this is what they told us.

Find out what our staff think