If you fly-tip

What happens if you fly-tip

We're responsible for investigating fly-tipping in our region (find out how to report fly-tipping to us). We are committed to taking enforcement action against perpetrators. 

If someone sees you fly-tipping (which may include being recorded on camera or the vehicle used to deposit the rubbish being observed) you can expect the following:

  • we may demand information from you
  • we may visit you
  • we may request you attend an interview under caution at our office; if you don't attend the interview, this will form part of any prosecution case
  • you may receive a £1,000 fixed penalty notice (if you don't pay this, you may be prosecuted); there are times when prosecution is more appropriate than issuing a fixed penalty notice, so if you are found guilty in a court of fly-tipping, you could receive an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment
  • you will, if convicted, have a criminal record