Flooding updates

Following the recent heavy rain, and with further rain forecast, there is a risk of flooding in some parts of Central Bedfordshire.

If the flood is posing a danger to life or injury, contact The Fire and Rescue Service on 999.

More information and advice about what to do in a flood is available on our website.

Problems on the roads

Roads across the area are likely to have excess water on them and some flooding is possible. In an emergency, urgent highways issues can be reported to our 24-hour emergency team on 0300 300 8049.

Do not attempt to drive, cycle or walk through flood water - it can be deeper than it looks. If you are driving through heavy rain turn your headlights on and leave twice as much space between you and the car in front - it takes longer to stop in the wet. 

Flood alerts and warnings

Flood alerts are used to pre-warn for different levels of impending flooding. You can check for the latest flood alerts on the Governemnt website.

A flood alert means flooding is possible, be prepared. A flood warning means flooding is expected, take action. A severe flood warning is used when there is a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities.

If serious flooding occurs, we will open assistance centres bnearby for residents affected and evacuated. We will update this page and our social media channels with this information.

Stay up to date

If you haven’t already done so, you should: 

Leaving your property

If you choose not to leave your property:

  • turn off gas, water and electricity
  • collect personal belongings together, including insurance and bank details and essential telephone numbers, and keep them in a waterproof bag
  • move valuables and sentimental items upstairs or to a high place downstairs
  • keep a separate list of useful telephone numbers to hand (this should include insurance company and Floodline - 0345 988 1188)
  • if possible, move electrical equipment and furniture upstairs
  • any furniture that you cannot move upstairs, try to raise well off the floor
  • alert neighbours and assist the elderly, infirm and those with small children
  • block doorways, low windows and air bricks
  • if you leave your home avoid walking and driving through floodwater; there could be hidden hazards
  • keep up to date via Floodline - 0345 988 1188, information will also be shared with local media