Accommodation - Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Guests arriving under the Homes for Ukraine scheme are due to live with a sponsor for a minimum of 6 months. Sponsors are not allowed to charge guests rent while staying with them, but they may ask for a reasonable contribution to any common household bills such as food and utilities.

If guests feel they are being asked to contribute an unreasonable amount for such bills, contact our Ukraine Support team on 0300 300 8855 or by email at for advice and help.

Occasionally things do go wrong. If they do, it may be something simple that can be resolved with a conversation. If, however, the relationship breaks down between sponsor and guests, you can speak to our Ukraine Support team on 0300 300 8855 or by email at about finding alternative accommodation.

If you are unable to continue your arrangement under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, the guidance set out by central government requires you to notify us of your intention to stop sponsoring, giving both us and guests 8 weeks' notice.

If you rent

If you'd like to become a sponsor but are renting a property, you'll need to gain permission from your landlord before applying to the scheme. Find out what to do if you rent with us.

Ending your sponsorship arrangements

When you and your guest(s) have agreed that the time has come to move onto the next stage of their stay in the UK there are a number of options for them to explore.
If your guest(s) are interested in renting within the private sector then they can contact Central Bedfordshire Council Homes for Ukraine team to discuss the help and support available to them. Simply email

However, if they would prefer a rematch then, again, they will need to contact the Homes for Ukraine team at to discuss options and availability.

In all cases, it is a requirement of the scheme that we are given at least 8 weeks' notice for guests moving to alternative accommodation. This 8 weeks' notice is not required if guests are returning to Ukraine.

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