Budget 2024-2025

What is the revenue budget?

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In the next financial year (from April 2024 until March 2025), the council expects to be spending around £265million on services across Central Bedfordshire, such as refuse collection and recycling, leisure, libraries, parks, planning, parking, licensing, trading standards, public health and social care services. This is known as the revenue budget and is mainly funded through Council Tax and business rates.   

You can see how the council plans to spend this money below.

You can see how the council plans to spend this money below


Over half of the council’s revenue budget is spent on services for children or care services for those who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable and need protection.

Valuation bands for 2024/2025
Service Spending in millions % of total spend
Adult social services £98m 36.9%
Children's services £67.1m 25.3%
Housing (funded primarily by rent and service charges) £40.8m N/A
Council support services £35.4m 13.3%
Waste and recycling £22.2m 8.4%
Public health (funded by government grant) £18.6m N/A
Capital financing £14.5m 5.5%
Transport, roads and parking £9.8m 3.7%
Economic growth and planning £6.5m 2.4%
Libraries and leisure £4.4m 1.7%
Public protection and safety £4.4m 1.6%
Housing Benefit £3m 1.2%