Sector-based work academy programme

How to build a skilled workforce for your business

The sector-based work academy scheme can help you build the skilled workforce you need for your business to succeed.

Each sector-based work academy offers a flexible approach and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.

Placements are particularly useful for young people, but are open to all jobseekers aged over 18.

How to get started

Contact your nearest JobCentre Plus to start building your new skilled workforce today.

How it works

The academy can last up to 6 weeks and at the end, you'll have skilled workers ready to contribute to your business.

The programme has 3 main components:

Pre-employment training

Training is matched to the needs of your business sector (can be one employer or a few with similar needs). If you need help with this, email and we'll work with you to design the content of sector-specific training that meets the needs of your business and those of the labour market.

Work experience placement

This is an opportunity for you to identify talent and for your potential employee to cement their knowledge and understanding of the required role.


This ensures a guaranteed job interview or help building your recruitment process.