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Vaccination information for care staff

The council is coordinating the vaccine for eligible frontline social care workers, including personal assistants who are paid to support people with care needs. This group needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible. If you have any questions relating only to frontline social care workers, contact

Additional information for care providers is available in the care providers portal on our website, including links to various vaccination guidance and resources for providers to use. Please note you will need a password to read this section of the website.

Do you know when your second vaccination is?

As you know, the vaccine is most effective after the second dose and has to be given before the end of the twelfth week (84 days after the first one).

We want to do everything we can to ensure maximum efficiency and, like the first time, that no vaccine is wasted. That means minimising the numbers of people not attending appointments.

So, we’re asking you to get ahead of the game and check now to make sure you know when your appointment is. Is it in your diary?

Check your appointment online

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it via the system. If you can’t log on, or if you have no second appointment currently booked, or have any other problems, please email Please do everything you can to keep your appointment, as we really need to avoid lots of changes of appointments.