Stop smoking

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Stopping smoking will always be beneficial to your health and it’s never too late to quit. Once you’ve stopped smoking you’ll start to see the benefits very quickly:                               

  • 20 minutes - your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal
  • 8 hours – nicotine is reduced by 90% and carbon monoxide levels in the blood are reduced by 75%
  • 24 hours - your lungs start to clear; carbon monoxide and nicotine are almost eliminated from the body
  • 48 hours – all traces of nicotine are removed from the body, damaged nerve endings will start to regrow, smell and taste will begin to return to normal
  • 1 month – skin appearance improves, losing grey pallor and become less wrinkled
  • 1 year – the risk of heart attack reduces by half

Our Stop Smoking Service helps local people stop smoking.

The service offers:

  • group sessions
  • one to one sessions
  • telephone support
  • specialist pregnancy support

We hold clinics at a wide range of venues, including:

  • health centres
  • pharmacies
  • GP surgeries
  • community centres
  • libraries

Stop smoking advisors offer a free, non-judgemental and supportive service.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call the team on 0800 013 0553 and press 1 for Central Bedfordshire or refer yourself online.

Other organisations that will be able to help you: