Road safety, speeding and TROs

Junior Road Safety Scheme for kids

About the Junior Road Safety Scheme

Junior road safety officers (we also call them JRSOs) have proven hugely popular around the UK and (among other valuable skills) they involve children and young people in promoting road safety to their peers by encouraging them to behave responsibly near roads and set a good example. The scheme also enables young people to act as ambassadors of “active” travel (walking, cycling, scooting etc) by promoting its benefits in terms of health, independence and the environment. The scheme is available to all schools within Central Bedfordshire.

What to expect

  • a road safety officer will attend your school, talk to you about the scheme and encourage volunteers to be junior road safety officers
  • kids who volunteer will receive a pack with everything they need to get started such as:
    • a yearly road safety programme
    • posters
    • advice on taking an assembly
    • competition ideas
    • a badge to make them recognisable within the school
    • the opportunity to utilise the wealth of Road Safety knowledge and experience from a number of organisations available

Please email if you would like your school to take part, or need more information.

Download your Junior Road Safety Officer pack (PDF 443.5KB) .

Download the teachers' pack (PDF 222.3KB) .

Road safety resources from us

School Crossing patrols

Why not invite your local school crossing patrol to your assembly to do a talk on the Green Cross Code?

OSCAR simulator car

OSCAR is our road safety simulator. It’s a real car with hydraulics, so whilst you sit in it and watch a short film on the windscreen you can also experience a realistic journey without even leaving the car park. Our school run film shows you all about travelling safely and being a good passenger.

Trucks, buses and child safety

DHL and Arriva have got together to provide an engaging and interactive session using uses a real 44ft lorry and a double decker bus as visual aids. These show the risks and threats which trucks and large vehicles present. Not enough room at your school? No problem: the session can be held at a local fire station instead.