Homeless with mental health considerations

How we can help you find a home, if you have a mental illness or impairment

Don't worry, we're here to help. We have people trained in mental health, who can help you.

What to do first

Tell us you might be homeless.

We'll try to identify your housing problems early, so we can help you avoid becoming homeless.

We'll work with lots of other people to prevent you from becoming homeless. We'll also help you get the support you need.

Priority need

A "priority need" is a way we can help if you're what we call "vulnerable".

We'll need to find out more about you and what's going on in your life to figure this out, but it could mean that we can help you get a roof over your head.

We'll put a plan together

We'll check in with you every few weeks, to make sure you've got the right support.

To help with this, we'll put together what's called a personal housing plan. We'll do this with you and an advocate, if you have one.

We'll also try to put you in touch with the healthcare services you need.

Other support with mental health

Find out about the other ways we can support you with mental health.