Help with childcare costs

Other types of help with childcare costs

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Employer support towards childcare

Employers may help towards childcare costs in a number of ways:

  • some may pay part of your salary tax free in the form of Childcare Vouchers
  • childcare subsidies
  • workplace provision

Speak to your employer for more information, or visit HRMC Childcare (link opens in new window).

Financial support while you study

Financial help may be available for childcare if you are in education or training.

Care to Learn

If you are a young parent, Care to Learn can help pay for childcare and related travel costs while you are learning.

The subject or course you take is up to you. For example, you can choose whether you want to take a qualification or not. You can also choose whether you want to learn at a college or through a course in your community, such as at a children's centre.

Wherever you decide to learn, you can be confident that your child is being safely looked after.

Visit GOV.UK - Care to Learn (link opens in new window) for more information.

The Childcare Grant

The Childcare Grant (GOV.UK) (link opens in new window) is available to students in higher education with dependent children. How much you receive depends on your household income and the actual cost of your childcare.

Discretionary Learner Support

You can apply for Discretionary Learner Support (GOV.UK) (link opens in new window) to pay for childcare if you’re 20 or over and in further education, for example studying for an NVQ, BTEC or PGCE.

The Parents' Learning Allowance

The Parent’s Learning Allowance (GOV.UK) (link opens in new window) supports student parents in higher education with course-related costs such as books, travel and childcare. The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances.