Data and information

Income and expenditure

Income and expenditure in academies in England

The DfE has published a Statistical First release (link opens in new window) (SFR) on academies' income and expenditure data so that academy trusts’ financial data is in a form that is comparable with the publication of LA-maintained schools data (Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR).

The SFR data also shows the £ per pupil income and expenditure for the year which is provided to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) for each academy, as well as total income and expenditure. Academies that opened or converted after September (relevant academic year) and provided a return of less than 12 months, have been published in a separate sheet for completeness. However, comparisons involving these academies are not advised. Multi-academy trusts also have their data published at academy and trust level.

The SFR highlights key points on the statistics around academies' income and expenditure, and technical notes using data from the benchmarking section of the academic year 2014 to 2015 accounts returns.

Financial benchmarking

Schools can use the schools financial benchmarking (link opens in new window) website to compare the income and expenditure of different schools and academies.