Data and information

Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

FFT Aspire

FFT Aspire is a new data tool for schools and LAs. It provides schools with a broader and richer set of data using the latest curriculum and accountability measures. It is easier to use, presenting complex school performance data, target setting and bench marking information in a visual way which can be easily understood and interpreted, allowing insightful self-evaluation and in-depth preparation for Ofsted and Estyn inspections. Further information is available in the introductory document (PDF 404.9KB) .

The following user guides are available:

FFT Aspire release schedule

Download the release schedule for new data and functionality.

Primary schools (PDF 186.1KB)

Secondary schools (PDF 186.1KB)

Governor Dashboard

The FFT Governor Dashboard has now been released for primary schools (KS2) and secondary schools (KS4). The Dashboards are available for schools to download from their dashboard area in FFT Aspire. All schools across Central Bedfordshire that subscribe to receive FFT data can also provide Governors with free access to the FFT Governor Dashboard. Developed in partnership with the National Governors’ Association and the Welcome Trust, the dashboard provides a range of information to help governors support and challenge the school leadership team.

Schools are asked to make their School Governors aware of the FFT Governor Dashboard.

The FFT Governor Dashboard helps School Governors hold schools to account, support and challenge the leadership team and make more informed strategic decisions. It provides governors with clear information about: 

  • summary school performance: analysis of the main school performance indicators including attainment (pupil results), achievement (pupil progress) and a summary of strengths and weaknesses 
  • subjects: an analysis of pupil progress in core subjects (primary) and GCSE subjects (secondary)
  • pupil groups: a simple chart showing the progress made by different pupil groups over 3 years including pupil premium pupils
  • school context: a breakdown of school cohort by pupil groups (school and national)
  • attendance: an analysis of absence (by pupil groups) and attendance (by year group)

A dummy copy of the Primary School Governor Dashboard (PDF 466.9KB) and Secondary School Governor Dashboard (PDF 465.3KB) have been provided here so you can see what this will look like. 
These Primary Dashboard Guides (PDF 829.8KB) and Secondary Dashboard Guides (PDF 912.9KB) will help all governors to make best use of the new dashboards.