Food waste

How to use your indoor caddy

Residents who receive a weekly food waste collection are provided with a small 7-litre brown indoor caddy and a larger 23-litre brown outdoor food waste recycling bin for their food waste.

We collect food waste weekly on the same day as your other waste collections; just follow these 2 steps:

  1. line your small kitchen caddy with the polythene food waste bags provided; please don't use any other type of carrier bags (if you run out of the polythene food waste bags please wrap any food waste inside newspaper)
  2. when it is full, tie the bag and put it into your larger, outdoor food waste recycling bin.

The outside food bins have lockable lids, which will keep flies out and help deter rats, foxes and squirrels!

Replacement food waste bags

Find out how to order food waste bags, garden waste sacks or a bin.

What goes in your brown food waste caddy?

  • meat and fish - raw and cooked (including small bones)
  • raw and cooked vegetables and fruit (including peelings, stones and nut shells)
  • all dairy products such as cheese
  • eggs (including shells)
  • bread, pastries and cakes
  • pasta, rice and beans (cooked and uncooked)
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • plate scrapings (including fish and poultry bones)
  • uneaten leftovers
  • out-of-date food (remove from packaging and recycle packaging separately)
  • pet food
  • solidified cooking oils and fats

What cannot go in your brown food waste caddy?

  • compostable or biodegradable bags and packaging
  • plastic or polystyrene pots or trays
  • tin foil or food containers
  • cardboard packaging
  • liquids like milk or juice
  • large meat bones
  • garden waste such as leaves, soil and grass clippings
  • glass or china
  • pet mess, litter or bedding

Need a handy reminder for the fridge?

You can always download our food waste recycling leaflet (PDF), print it and stick it to the fridge (or any other surface that takes your fancy!)

Order a food waste bin or caddy

Find out how to order food waste bin or caddy.