Bins and waste collections

Bins and waste collections

Bins are collected on a fortnightly, alternative, rota (household waste one week, recycling and garden waste the following, and so on.) If you receive a food waste collection, this is collected on weekly basis.

Household waste bins, garden and food waste (if applicable) need to be left at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day. Please make sure they don't obstruct the pavements. Once collected, please take your bin back onto your property.

We provide different bins depending on where you live. These are shown in this image (PDF 2.3MB) .

Please note the kerbside collection of household garden waste will be suspended across Central Bedfordshire over the winter months from Monday, 5 December 2016 until Friday, 24 February 2017.Read more about the suspension of garden waste collections.

Bin collection day

To find out when your waste bins and recycling is collected:

  • select the relevant link from the alphabetical road names list below according to the first letter of your road name
  • next to your road name you will find your waste collection day
  • to find out what week is either the waste or recycling collection please click on the collection week and the appropriate calendar will show
  • if you would like to print the calendar please make sure to select 'print current page' in your print options otherwise the whole document will be printed.

2016 bin collection days

Road name A (PDF 483.4KB)

Road name B (PDF 529.3KB)

Road name C (PDF 822.8KB)

Road name D (PDF 361.1KB)

Road name E (PDF 274.4KB)

Road name F (PDF 426.9KB)

Road name G (PDF 451.3KB)

Road name H (PDF 440.1KB)

Road name I (PDF 140.7KB)

Road name J (PDF 195.6KB)

Road name K (PDF 166KB)

Road name L (PDF 568.7KB)

Road name M (PDF 368.9KB)

Road name N (PDF 224.8KB)

Road name O (PDF 219.8KB)

Road name P (PDF 384.7KB)

Road name Q (PDF 98.4KB)

Road name R (PDF 320.1KB)

Road name S (PDF 293.7KB)

Road name T (PDF 562.8KB)

Road name U (PDF 96.4KB)

Road name V (PDF 270.9KB)

Road name W (PDF 511.6KB)

Road name Y (PDF 80.6KB)

Road name Z (PDF 96.2KB)

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