View and comment on planning applications

Comment on planning applications

When any planning application is in the consultation period, it is open for comment. The easiest way to make a comment on a planning application is online.

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Comment on planning applications

We can only take into account recognised planning matters. 

The main issues are:

  • amenity: impact on neighbours - overlooking, loss of daylight, overbearing impact, noise and disturbance, pollution
  • design: impact on building, site, street scene, etc. Is it in keeping with the surrounding area?
  • highways: suitability of access, parking, manoeuvring space, effect of traffic generation
  • policies: are there any government policies or policies which are relevant?
  • history: any previous permissions on the site or nearby

We also consult a wide range of other bodies for more specialist advice which will include highways, drainage, nature conservation and pollution.

Representations are welcomed from interested parties on any current planning application. If you do not want to comment on a planning application online, you can do so by writing to:

Development Infrastructure Group Manager 
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

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