Statement of Community Involvement

We are currently consulting on our Statement of Community Involvement (19 April to 1 June 2022).

What is a Statement of Community Involvement?

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out our approach to consultation and engagement during plan-making and in relation to planning applications, and explains how residents, businesses and other organisations can engage with the planning process.

Why is a new Statement of Community Involvement required?

All councils are required to prepare and keep an up-to-date Statement of Community Involvement that clearly sets out the approach to consultation and engagement on planning matters.

Our current Statement of Community Involvement was adopted in 2012, and partially updated in 2020 to take account of government guidance in relation to COVID-19 at that time.

We have updated our Statement of Community Involvement to reflect further changes to national planning legislation relating to COVID-19. The current review of our Local Plan also presents a timely opportunity to update the document in full to ensure it reflects all areas of engagement in the planning process.

Why are we consulting on the Statement of Community Involvement?

There is no legal requirement for us to publish the Statement of Community Involvement for consultation. However, we think it is important for residents, businesses and other interested parties to have the opportunity to have their say on the updated Statement of Community Involvement. Any feedback we receive will help us make sure our approaches to consultation and engagement are working effectively.

How to comment

The Statement of Community Involvement is being published for public consultation for 6 weeks, starting at 10am on Tuesday 19 April and ending at 10am on Wednesday 1 June 2022.

View the document and take part in the consultation.

Next steps

After the consultation ends, we will consider all the comments received and will make changes to the document where necessary. A summary of the comments received and how they’ve been taken into account will be presented to our Executive committee in the autumn, alongside the final Statement of Community Involvement document.

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