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Public paths orders made

Current public path orders (diversions, extinguishments and creations) and their current status.

Highways Act

Arlesey Public Footpath No 5. Order made 24 November 2017, objection period ends 5 January 2018.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 12.3KB)
Map (PDF 905.1KB)

Arlesey Footpath No. 5. Order Making Authority’s submission to the Secretary of State with a request that the 24 November 2017 Order be confirmed with minor modifications. The submission contains the order, received objections, the Council’s statement of reasons and other material.
Public path extinguishment order 2017 - order making authority's submission bundle (PDF 10.3MB)

Aspley Guise Public Footpath No. 11 (in the parish of Hulcote and Salford). Order made 21 November 2014, objection period ends 9 January 2015 - Order revoked 9 January 2015.
Diversion notice (PDF 12KB) (PDF 230KB) Map

Chalton Public Footpath No 7. Order made 6 July 2018, objection period ends 17 August 2018.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 12KB)
Map (PDF 232.1KB)

Clophill Public Footpath No. A4. Order not confirmed following written representations
Secretary of State's decision 8 April 2015 (PDF 119.1KB)
Extinguishment notice (PDF 31.5KB) (PDF 1.3MB) Map

Houghton Regis Public Bridleway 12. Order not confirmed following a public hearing.
Creation notice (PDF 63.4KB)
Map (PDF 867.8KB)

Houghton Regis Public Footpaths 11, 53 and Bridleway 12. Order not confirmed following a public hearing.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 82.8KB)
Map (PDF 867.8KB)

Houghton Regis Public Footpath No. 11. Order made 8 May 2015. Order not confirmed following written reps.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 82.8KB)
Map (PDF 867.3KB)

Houghton Regis Public Footpath Nos 33 and 36. Order made 6 May, objections received
Extinguishment notice (PDF 15KB)
Map (PDF 351.2KB)

Maulden Public Footpath No. 28. Order not confirmed following public inquiry.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 20.7KB)
Map (PDF 170.8KB)
Secretary of State's decision (PDF 61KB)

Tilsworth Public Footpath No 7. Order made 26 January, objection period ends 9 March 2018. 
Diversion notice (PDF 12.5KB)
Map (PDF 121.1KB)

Toddington Public Footpath and Bridleway No 58. Orders made 1 February 2019. Objection period ends 15 March 2019
Footpath Extinguishment notice (PDF 12KB)
Bridleway creation notice (PDF 12.5KB)
Map (PDF 756.3KB)

Town and Country Planning Act


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