High Sheriff of Bedfordshire

How is the High Sheriff appointed?

The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire takes office each April for a term of 1 year and remains the Sovereign's representative in the county for all matters relating to the judiciary and the maintenance of law and order. The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire for 2018 / 2019 is Julian Polhill, who can be contacted through the Under Sheriff's Office.

The Office of High Sheriff is non-political and unpaid, and no part of a High Sheriff's expenses falls on the public purse.

The Office is a Royal appointment. It is made in the Privy Council by the Sovereign, where the custom of he or she 'pricking' the appointee's name with a bodkin is perpetuated.

13 November 2017: Pricking Ceremony to select the new High Sheriff for Bedfordshire
View the photographs taken at the ceremony (link opens in new window)

The Office is normally for 1 year.

How are High Sheriffs appointed? (link opens in new window)

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