Business rates

Published business rates information

We receive regular Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests about business rates accounts, where the information is already publicly available. From this page you can download up-to-date lists of:

  • all live business rates accounts
  • newly occupied business premises
  • business rates accounts currently in credit

Please note: If you make an FOI request for information which you can get from this page, you will be redirected here.

Live accounts

You can view details of all live business rates accounts (CSV 1.5MB) (updated April 2018) for Central Bedfordshire Council. This includes the following information about each account:

  • account and property reference numbers
  • ratepayer name (companies only)
  • property and correspondence addresses
  • property description
  • rateable value
  • charge type (occupied or void)
  • liability start date
  • entitlement to reliefs and exemptions
  • business rates charge

New occupations

You can view details of all newly occupied properties (CSV 5.7KB) (updated April 2018). This includes:

  • property reference
  • property address
  • ratepayer name
  • billing address
  • rateable value
  • liability start date

Business rates accounts in credit

You can view details of all business rates accounts (CSV 9KB) which are currently in credit (updated April 2018). This includes:

  • property reference 
  • financial year 
  • credit balance 
  • ratepayer name (companies only) 
  • correspondence address (if held) 
  • property address 
  • property description

Claiming a refund

If you find that you have overpaid your business rates, you are entitled to a refund of your credit – please contact us to apply. You will need to provide documents to show that you were the ratepayer. Once we are happy that the credit is valid and belongs to you, we will refund it to you.

Contact us

Telephone: 0300 300 8011

Please quote your business rates account reference in all correspondence – your account reference is 7 or 8 digits long and starts with a 3, and you can find it on your business rates bill or any letter we’ve sent about your business rates.

About this information

We have published this business rates information in comma-separated values (CSV) files. You can open these files with a variety of different software products, including word-processing and spreadsheet applications.

We will update our main data file and the list of credit accounts, on a quarterly basis. We will update the new occupations list on a monthly basis.

We screen the information before publishing to remove any information relating to individuals, as this data is protected under the Data Protection Act.

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